Empowered Self with Mandy Ryle

Movement Snack for Legs and Core

Chair Yoga

Just a quick chair practice to get your blood pumping and your lower body reved up. Sitting all day isn’t the terrible sin that the media would have us believe. It’s just important to get moving for 5-15 minutes every hour or so. This little practice will do perfectly.

Standing Practice for Stronger Legs

Chair Yoga

A quick standing practice to fire up your legs. This practice targets the posterior, anti gravity muscles: calves, hamstrings, glutes and also the quads. These muscles are highly correlated with higher metabolism, so this practice is a great way to rev things up during a day of sitting. 

Chair Yoga – Anti Gravity Practice

Chair Yoga

This accessible practice is a blend of Yoga and strength work using a chair. It’s a great practice if you are new to resistance training but has much to offer the seasoned practitioner as well.

Getting to Know Your Back Part Four

Yin Yoga for Back Pain

If you are a movement geek like me, you will be blown away by the simple complexity of this somatic experience. Prepare to feel stuff you may not have felt in your back before. We will also be touching on one more important back related topic that can’t be ignored. The influence that society and societal norms has on our experience of our back.