Empowered Self with Mandy Ryle

About Mandy

Empowered Self

My Mission

I empower individuals challenged by persistent pain to reclaim their vitality and independence. Through a holistic approach that combines nervous system re-education, mindset cultivation, nutrition coaching and exercise, I guide you in systematically unraveling and overcoming pain issues. Your customized program is based on the fact that pain is complex and does not only affect a body part, but a whole, unified self.

Mandy Ryle
Moving Beyond Pain

My Approach.

"Pain changes everything. But the opposite is true as well, everything changes pain" Neil Pearson

Pain Education

Understanding Your Pain is the first step


Pain scrambles and disorients your concept of self. It's time to reclaim your body.

Restoring Movement

Fear has stolen your confidence in your body. Learn how to move again without pain or fear.

Reclaim Resiliance

Exercise for Chronic Pain is a powerful way to reduce pain. It's also what you need to prevent flares in the future.


Gain the tools you need to stay pain free for a lifetime.
Mandy Ryle, E-RYT 500, CSCS, Certified Nutrition Coach, Chronic Pain Specialist

Your Coach

I am a movement evangelist. My entire career has been helping others to move better, meet movement goals, and overcome movement challenges. As a Yoga teacher, I have been helping my clients with pain since 2012

In 2017, I developed a chronic pain issue that stole 3 years of my life. Searching for relief, I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars. Only to suffer more. 

Relief came when I learned how to leverage evidence to my own healing.  Having mentored with some of the most esteemed pain educators in North America, I now provide an evidence informed approach for overcoming chronic pain through customized lifestyle changes including mindfulness, fitness and nutrition.

I love to read, cook and work out. I LIVE to travel. I’m a mom of two, wife to the best travel buddy, and rarely miss a daily walk with my pup, Percy. 

Personal Trainer for Chronic Pain