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Moving Beyond Pain

Get Your Life Back

Moving Beyond Pain

A persisting pain issue can be incredibly frustrating for a person with an active lifestyle. It disrupts not only your fitness routine, but also your life. Even when the pain is minimal, it lurks in the background waiting to sideline you yet again. There is hope though. An evidence based process to get you back to what you love without fear. 

Exercise for Chronic Pain

Let's Get You Back on Track

Most people wait to start moving until their pain is gone. But the right kind of movement can actually help you manage your pain or even eliminate it.

When you’ve been protecting yourself for awhile, getting back to the things you love seems almost impossible. What if you re-injure yourself? Where do you even start? How will you keep yourself safe? In the meantime, your life is getting smaller and smaller, you’re having trouble managing your weight, and your pain just gets worse. 

My proven process has restored dozens of clients to the life they love. Through a customized program, I will help you to understand your pain. I’ll show you how to return to activity safely, and help you to build up your resilience so that you are less likely to get sidelined again with your pain

Moving Beyond Pain

A Customized Process for You

This process is a proven framework for finally putting pain behind you so that you can look and feel your best. 


Understanding Pain

When you understand your pain, you have power. Power to move forward, power to make good decisions about your fitness, health and wellness. Knowledge is the cure for the fear that has been plaguing you since your injury.


Getting to Know You

As you are moving more your main priority will be staying safe. I’ll teach you how to know your body better, since it is the expert. Over time you will notice that you are less sensitive and that you have more and more options for activity. 


Get Moving

Armed with knowledge and new confidence I’ll introduce you to an evidence informed process of restoring movements that you have been avoiding. We’ll come up with a customized plan for getting fit so that you can increase your energy, manage your weight, and start saying yes to physical activities with friends and family.


Plan for Greatness

With less pain and a more active lifestyle your options are limitless. We will create a plan for you to continue to build your resilience, manage the inevitable flares that occur and remain pain free most of the time. By the time you graduate from your program, you will have the tools you need to live without limits. 

Why Choose Me

Hi! I’m Mandy. I’m a Certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach. I am also an ERYT-500 Yoga Instructor. I’ve been working with bodies in motion my entire professional life. My passion though, is where pain meets movement.

Movement isn’t just something we do when we want to get fit, it’s the pillar upon which our lives are built. When pain disrupts it, life becomes very small. 

I am a perpetual student. Not only have I mentored with some of the most prominent pain science educators in North America,  I also spend time each year studying anatomy in the cadaver lab. I read research weekly. I learn from each and every client.

I am also someone who has a chronic pain issue. I practice what I preach, and it has allowed me to live without limits. 

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Personal Trainer for Chronic Pain
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Moving Beyond Pain

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