Empowered Self with Mandy Ryle

Getting to Know Your Back Part Four

Yin Yoga for Back Pain

If you are a movement geek like me, you will be blown away by the simple complexity of this somatic experience. Prepare to feel stuff you may not have felt in your back before. We will also be touching on one more important back related topic that can’t be ignored. The influence that society and societal norms has on our experience of our back.

Sternal Rhythm

Somatics for Neck Pain

This practice focuses on restoring the rhythm between the sternum, neck, jaw and hip. We will utilize some somatic movements to help you attend to the sternum.

Thoracic Nerve Flossing

Thoracic Nerve Flossing

This practice puts the other tissues in a supporting role in favor of mobilizing, and gaining awareness of our nerves. Especially the ones that exit the thoracic region of the spine. We will use somatic movement and a bolster to gently mobilize the nerves and soften the experience of the spine.