Empowered Self with Mandy Ryle

Sternal Rhythm

Somatics for Neck Pain

This practice focuses on restoring the rhythm between the sternum, neck, jaw and hip. We will utilize some somatic movements to help you attend to the sternum.

Humming Practice for Neck, Shoulders and Face Pain

This is a slightly unusual practice but it is very effective. If you suffer from face, neck or shoulder pain, you likely spend a great deal of time re-adjusting your posture and position to reduce pain. You have likely found that it doesn’t really work. This practice is designed to enhance awareness and provide compelling evidence of safety to your brain and nervous systems.

Somatic Yin for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Somatic Yin for Neck and Shoulder Pain

This practice really focuses on the sides of the neck. You know, those muscles that get so tender and tight? When the sternocleidomastoid gets cranky, we can often feel sensitive in our shoulders and even the jaw. This is mostly somatic work to learn to feel sensations here without the drama. Though, you will get some gentle stretches as well.