Are you struggling to start or maintain a consistent fitness or nutrition habit due to persisting pain? Do you find yourself avoiding certain movements or exercises? Is fear keeping you inactive even as you find your pain just gets worse? Are getting frustrated due to weight gain and deconditioning?

Strength Beyond Pain is a proven, research backed methodology for reducing or eliminating persistent pain, even as you are getting stronger and meeting other health goals like losing weight.

Address the persistent pain issues that are disrupting your attempts to start or maintain a fitness program. In this program you will learn to nurture and support your pain free life using nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle hacks. You’ll engage in a comprehensive process that will nourish every aspect of yourself. Even as you are noticing less pain you will be getting more fit, managing your weight and committing to affirmative habits that will keep pain in your rearview for the rest of your life.

This is the option to pay in three installments. Your coaching program will expire after 4 months.